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After being in isolation for several years, Bhutan finally opened its door for foreign visitors in the 1970’s. The tiny Himalayan country with lush green valley’s ranging from snowcapped peaks to southern subtropical foothills has remained comparatively unchanged and unspoiled by mindless urbanization thanks to strict law of environment conservation instilled by reign of farsighted kings, providing visitors with opportunity to feel impression of being traveled back in time, the country now is identified as must-visit destination.

So, Bhutan Lotus Wheel Travels invites you to experience this extraordinary tour in a country where Gross National Happiness index was coined and we strive to assure that you will find only cherishable memories to take back.

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Our Traditions & Culture

While Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound...Read More

Art and Craft

An essential part of Bhutan’s cultural heritage are the thirteen traditional arts and crafts that have been practiced from time immemorial...Read More


Despite Bhutan’ small population there has been much economic development in recent years and the economy is growing rapidly...Read More

Our People, Society & Religion

Bhutanese people can be generally categorized into three main ethnic groups. The Tshanglas, Ngalops and the Lhotshampas...Read More

Cuisine in Bhutan

The most distinctive characteristic of Bhutanese cuisine is its spiciness. Chillis are an essential part of nearly every dish and are considered...Read More

Gross National Happiness

Economists the world over have argued that the key to happiness is obtaining and enjoying material development...Read More

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